Freelance Translator Jobs

While working from home and physically approaching companies or marketing oneself for freelance jobs is an option, the Internet provides a great platform for finding translation work. Sites where you can find translation work online include: is a website whose main focus of freelance work is for translation jobs, unlike many other websites that support translation as part of a multitude of job offerings, such as freelance graphic designing, sales, research and writing jobs. In operation since 2007, you can search for freelance jobs through a number of easy to use tools that will help you to find jobs only is a particular native language, source and target language.

This is another website that focuses only on translation jobs. Job seekers can view available jobs that are posted from all over the world and can bid for a job that matches their capabilities. You will also receive notifications via email as and when jobs that match your abilities come up.

Another purely translation work website, one can find various types of jobs here, such as CV, product manual, website content, product description and a variety of other translation jobs. Accounts can be created for free, but to avail of many features one must purchase an annual membership that will cost you $129 without a portal option and $229 with a portal. This portal can have your own domain name and can serve as a platform to interact with potential and existing clients. It can be an excellent marketing tool to let people know about your services.

Besides serving as a platform to link translators with those that have translation work, provides users with a number of tools that enables translators to work efficiently, have access to a number of useful resources and increase their network. The Kudoz software for example, is a medium through which translators can seek help from each other in matters such as understanding a colloquial term, objects particular to a certain country etc. Translators can also see what other members think about clients, via the evaluation tool Blue Board, while Powwows enable face to face conferencing.

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This is a portal for translation professionals, where they can upload their resume that can be viewed by clients as well as translation agencies looking to hire people from all over the world. The site also provides resources like dictionaries, articles on translation and working from home, blacklisted employer listings, free software that is useful for translators etc.

Other freelance websites

There are other websites that offer various types of freelance work such as graphic designing, writing, marketing etc. along with translation work. It is possible to find some freelance translation work through these websites, including,, and While working via such websites, especially while you are starting out, it is important to look for jobs where the payment is guaranteed. Many website providers now are able to hold the project payment in escrow till the job has been completed to the client’s satisfaction.
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